With 12+ years of experience as a strategic advisor to the leadership teams of Multinational Corporations, Private Equity Portfolio Companies and Technology Scale Ups, I understand the challenges of leadership.

It became increasingly apparent to me that “productivity or leadership hacks” would at best only create a short term, temporary fix, and that a more sustainable solution would require leaders to upgrade their entire way of being in the world. Facilitating this became my calling. My business experience, exploration of leadership, personal development, coaching and embodiment practices all come together to provide me a unique platform to offer practical support and challenge to help leaders take that next step.

I have been an avid meditator for over two decades and this create a solid base of presence for my coaching. I have taught embodiment for over a decade and facilitated workshops internationally on presence, connection and relationship. I have trained in the Alexander Technique, have certified as an Integral Development Coach with New Ventures West (PCC) and am accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ACC)